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Mhouse PF

Solar power kit for gate automations.

Quick Overview

Installation: everywhere, do not need excavations or electrical mains
Feature: uses solar energy, replacing the electrical mains as the source for automating a gate
Power: 24 V 

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This kit includes:

1 PC photovoltaic solar panel 10 W, for 24 V power supply. Dimensions 36.7 x 28.5 cm;
brackets included.

1 PB box for 24 V 20 Ah battery, with carry handle. Dimensions 23.5 x 25.8 x 17 cm.


Technical Features

  • Economical and ecological: PF uses solar energy, free and clean, replacing the electrical mains as the source of power for automating a gate, even if located far from the electrical mains, with no need for excavations for necessary connections. The battery, recharged by the solar panel - also via the power mains, using the optional power supply unit PBC - provides a reserve of energy for a great number of manoeuvres
  • Installable anywhere without the need for excavations or connections to the electrical mains
  • Low consumption with no risk of blackouts: the energy reserve levels guarantee operation even in prolonged overcast weather conditions. Auxiliary power supply is an alternative to the photovoltaic module


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