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About us

Freedhom is a trademark of Nice SpA.

This website would like to propose home solutions, easy to install and use, to give you the maximum comfort. We turn to users which can install, upgrade or expand installations at any time and any point by simply connecting two wires. Our focus is just to keep our customers first, providing our brand new range of products and our services such as fast deliveries and phone assistance. On Freedhom.com customers can get all this – and even more – through few simple steps: another, easier way to enter the Nice World. 


Established in the early nineties, Nice SpA is one of the major international names in the Home Automation market. Nice designs, manufactures and sells automation systems for gates, garage doors, road barriers and parking systems, awnings and blinds, for residential, commercial and industrial buildings, as well as wireless alarm systems, combining technological innovation and design to offer maximum ease of use.


Nice brand portfolio consists of:

Nice – the line conceived for the professionals with a wide range of products integrated and managed by an innovative and unique control system;

Mhouse – the first system for home automation designed for DIY consumers and conceived around the ECSbus technology that allows to connect all the accessory devices with only two wires;

Moovo – the latest automation system for gates and garage doors, close to the concept of household appliance for its great ease-to-install and use.

Nice has always stood out in the world of home automation due to its work of combining innovation technology with constant research into new shapes and materials. So, Nice have created many high technological solutions such as the solar-powered products, to automate gates anywhere without the need for connections or excavations, and the wireless and modular systems featuring optimal usability. Aiming for the complete customers’ satisfaction, Nice join the functionality and the handiness of products with attention to design for a new idea of a simple, clear and pleasant domestic environment.


The Nice World is not built only on Home Automation, it is also shaped on the promotion of eco-compatible design and artworks, on the investments in sports (the Nice Sailing Team), on the development of projects that give people, with motor difficulties, more individual autonomy (Nice F.e.el.), and on the sustain of many other initiatives in environment, culture and arts.